LINVISIBILE Bologna Design Week Diaries

12 October 2017

The thrill and excitement of CERSAIE 2017 was evident all around the fair. Brands that are well known with their long heritage had their stands ready in this exhibition space dedicated to ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishings.

Despite that the theme of CERSAIE comprised only materials, brands tried to soften this technicality with making as much design attributions as they could. In this way, we believe it was a right cooperation that we did with TREND Group, by combining their mosaic materials with our design doors, and coming up with the result of two Brezza Doors coated with TREND mosaic.


Together at their elegantly designed stand, our commercial team welcomed guests from all around the world and important architects/designers. The domination of colours: navy blue and dark red were highly visible in this stand, balanced by the union of gold and white Linvisibile Doors.

The city of Bologna itself was surrounded with design enthusiasts last week. Away from the fair mentality, the city life was more leveraging the art and entertaining side of the design week. As Linvisibile, we were also enjoying this Italian way of celebrating design, by showcasing our “made in Italy” doors in our partners’ Showroom in the heart of Bologna, Insidesign Studiostore.


Set in a deconsecrated church, this showrooms’ interiors are designed with the most exclusive design pieces, all of each reflecting a different character. Surrounded with such iconic products, Linvisibile Doors hosted two events during the Bologna Design Week 2017:

The workshop of “Architecture and Movies” with the moderation of our art director Matteo Ragni, and the participation of Francesca Molteni (founder of MUSE Project Factory) and Manuel Toledo (Architecture and Film Festival London and ARQFILMFEST Santiago)


Together, we got to learn how architecture is used in movies and hot it can even lead a story without our conscious noticing. Not only by visual means, but we also talked about the vocal influence of architecture, such as doors slamming or tables breaking.

The second day, we were enlightened about the usage of new ways of digital in the world of design, with the speech of design blogger Camilla Bellini. Together with her partner Giulia Grilli, she talked about how the social media means such as Instagram and Facebook are shaping the world of design, enabling direct interaction between brands and customers, and being the voice of a brand identity as a design enthusiast while she develops her own blog “The Diary of a Designer”. The lively char was then carried on during the light cocktail as we listened to some music and got to talk one-to-one with Camilla herself.


The final day of our design week was about celebration: celebrating design and celebrating what Linvisibile values the most: people. Gathering these two focal points together, we were happy to welcome our guests in Insidesign Studiostore for an amazing cocktail party. In the magical atmosphere of Santa Maria della Neve, visitors found the chance to have a first hand experience by seeing and touching our doors, as they enjoyed their drinks and aperitif. The star of the night, in most people’s opinion, was the Linvisibile motorised concealed sliding door covered in glass material, which could slide open and close with a remote control.



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